My li­fe is a flim­sy mo­vie or a play Me and you are pup­pets enac­ting roles Whil­st the ti­me is pas­sing by Whil­st the mu­sic is tur­ned on See no light and no reward Can­not stop We are des­ti­ned to be blind Our fu­ture is de­sig­ned in advance What should we do? Whe­re should we go? Still don't know Nothing has left but Our lo­ve or an act 

my li­fe-is a flim­sy-mo­vie-or a play-me-and-you-are-pup­pets-enac­ting-roles-whil­st-the-ti­me-is ­sing-by-whil­st-the-mu­sic
avantdecesmy li­feis a flim­symo­vieor a playmeandyouarepup­petsenac­tingroleswhil­sttheti­meis pas­singbymu­sicis tur­nedonseeno lightno rewardcan­notstopwedes­ti­nedto be blindourfu­tureis de­sig­nedin advancewhatshouldwe dowhe­rewe gostilldon'tknownothinghasleftbutlo­veor an act my li­fe is a flim­syis a flim­sy mo­vieor a play meand youyou areare pup­petspup­pets enac­tingenac­ting rolesroles whil­stwhil­st thethe ti­meti­me is pas­singis pas­sing byby whil­stwhil­st thethe mu­sicmu­sic is tur­nedis tur­ned onon seesee no lightand no rewardno reward can­notcan­not stopstop wewe areare des­ti­neddes­ti­ned to be blindto be blind ourour fu­turefu­ture is de­sig­nedis de­sig­ned in advancein advance whatwhat shouldshould we dowhe­re shouldshould we gostill don'tdon't knowknow nothingnothing hashas leftleft butbut ourour lo­vemy li­fe is a flim­sy mo­vieis a flim­sy mo­vie or a playmo­vie or a play meme and youand you areyou are pup­petsare pup­pets enac­tingpup­pets enac­ting rolesenac­ting roles whil­stwhil­st the ti­methe ti­me is pas­singti­me is pas­sing byis pas­sing by whil­stwhil­st the mu­sicthe mu­sic is tur­nedmu­sic is tur­ned onis tur­ned on seeon see no lightno light and no rewardand no reward can­notno reward can­not stopcan­not stop westop we arewe are des­ti­nedare des­ti­ned to be blinddes­ti­ned to be blind ourto be blind our fu­tureour fu­ture is de­sig­nedfu­ture is de­sig­ned in advanceis de­sig­ned in advance whatin advance what shouldwhat should we dowhe­re should we gostill don't knowdon't know nothingknow nothing hasnothing has lefthas left butleft but ourbut our lo­veour lo­ve or an act 

The boy re­tur­ned to the playg­round place, af­ter ma­ny mis­sing years... His heart was fast and his eyes we­re cold, and he coul­dn't find a quiet home; And my soul said - I will not rest un­til his heart fin­ds cal­ming place; And he has found an ar­ms to stay and then my soul could walk away.I was about to die And then you sud­denly grab my tie Sa­ving my va­gabond life Ine­vitab­le rol­ling down I ope­ned wi­de my eyes And no­ticed that your voice sounds Li­ke an an­gel's flight Next to my ears hur­ting so hard I wish I had ne­ver been born at all To not feel the yeld of spoiled world But I can­not let my li­fe go Be­cause you're the on­ly one Who can sa­ve me From myself Nauka bez re­ligii jest ka­leka, re­ligia bez nauki jest ślepa. Die Na­tur­wissen­schaft oh­ne Re­ligion ist lahm, die Re­ligion oh­ne Na­tur­wissen­schaft ist blind. (niem.) W ciem­ności, kiedy oczy nie dos­trze­gają na­wet od­ro­biny światła, naj­le­piej za­palić serce. It is best to light up your heart in dar­kness, when eyes spot no other light.If you real­ly want so­mething ,you don't stop for anyone or anything un­til you get it .~ Blair Waldorf Dźwignąłem pomnik swój, nie trudem rąk ciosany, Wydepcą ścieżki doń miliony ludzkich stóp.